Cafe Lightness – max minimal

Scrolling through instagram we stumbled upon a stunning place that definitely looked like it was worth checking out: Lightness.

Naver maps link:

Google maps:

Somebody really went all in on the design here.

Entering, the beautifully clean and symmetric bar is facing you. A clean surface that really only cares about the pour-over coffee setup on top of it. Even espresso machines have been moved to a back room.

Even the menu is in line with the overall super minimalist approach:

Preparation of pour-over coffee was perfect. All components and filters were rinsed with hot water, the barista patiently waited until the water temperature had decreased to the desired heat. Scale and timer were also used to make sure brews are consistent.

The result was a fairly dark and strong tasting, dark almond note brew.

Great to see that it is not only a pretty coffee bar, but that they actually really take the time to craft the coffee and give the beans the attention they deserve.

Definitely worth a visit, and the matcha-based, funky-looking mix was also tasty, just as a tip.

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