Peer Coffee – moved and still great

We still miss the original Peer Coffee in Hannam-dong, as it was just outside our doorstep. But now we finally had the chance to visit them in their new location in Seongsu (they moved in late Summer 2019).

Naver maps link: PEER COFFEE ROASTERS 서울 성동구 광나루로4가길 24 1층 피어커피

Google maps:

Seongsu is just great for exploring, no matter what corner you pick. The former (self-proclaimed) shoe capital of the world has so much to offer.

Peer Coffee is a little off the main streets of Seongsu, but easy to reach and there is plenty of parking in the area (and even a huge garage right across the street).

The cafe’s design is quite different from the original, but has a lot more space to sit now across 2 different rooms. The furniture and design is bright and clean, but maybe a little generic and similar to many other cafes.

The selection of single origin beans included beans from Peru, Kenya, Bolivia and Ethiopia when we visited in late October 2019:

The brewing process was fortunately as great as at the old spot. Dripper and filters were rinsed to clean them of residual taste and heat them up. This also ensures more stable brewing temperatures. Scale and timer were closely watched and the pour was executed without any distractions.

The result was a fruity cup of Kenyan pour-over coffee. Happy to see the strong coffee game, despite the move to a different but exciting part of Seoul.

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