Sangaku Cafe Lake Toya – post onsen booster

As part of a weekend road trip through Hokkaido we spent some time around beautiful Lake Toya as well. Nature and hot springs are outstanding, but as many places in Japan also the coffee is noteworthy. We checked out Sangaku Coffee.

Google maps: 山岳喫茶

The cafe is a minute away from the lake, easy to find.

Beans are roasted in the back of the cafe and a comforting scent of fresh roast fills the air.

The place is small and comfortable, and the decently aged couch invites for a relaxing hour of coffee slurping.

Pour over coffee preparation was almost spotless. Only the paper filter at the beginning was not rinsed. But timer and scale were in use, and the continuous slow pour was impressive. Hard to see a difference between a photo and a video, that kind of slow.

Taste notes were a little too far on the bitter, dark roast side. And the Columbian beans produced a nice almond and caramel flavor when the cup cooled down after a while.

Lake Toya is a must-see, and you can easily include this as a stop-over without regrets.

Let us know what you think!