Standard Coffee Bar – not so standard after all

Right after some light disappointment of Thesis not offering pour-over at all anymore (see: Thesis – pour-over: not available), I (also emotionally) moved on to Standard Coffee Bar right next door (willing to compromise, too).


Naver maps link: Standard Coffee Bar
Google maps:

The location is very cool and a bit more intimate than some of the gigantic neighbors around Coffee Hill in Gangnam, but still stretches over 3 floors and includes some nice outdoor areas (covered against cold and rain during winter).


The English menu is too generic (Kenya, Ethiopia, etc.), but the Korean version actually is a lot more detailed and helpful:

I went for ‘Kenya’ a.k.a. Thiriku AA (Link to much more details on this specific coffee). The barista used a scale for the beans and a timer, but as in many cases here in Korea no scale for the water (which takes away precision, but also immersion brewers are much more forgiving than their p(o)urist colleagues).


They used to do ‘pure’ pour-over here (and still have a lot of retired Kalita Waves standing around), but now they moved to Clevers for full immersion brewing: “it gives a better aroma”, I am told by the barista. I know there’s some discussion if that is true, and I want to believe that the choice of coffee does have a say on the choice of tool (but to each her/his own). An interesting discussion about that on reddit: Full immersion vs pour-over (reddit link).


Result (apart from me being happy): A very smooth, sweet pour (or immerse?); I want to claim I tasted berries (but that sounds too pro). The place is clearly focused on good coffee and hanging out to enjoy it. Despite the ‘alternative’ brewing style: highly recommended.

Update: watch this cool walk-to and walk-through of Standard Coffee Bar at 7 Seasons Style

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