Seoul Cafe Show – impressive and entertaining

This post is less about scouting and evaluating but much more about sharing some impressions from this year’s Seoul Cafe Show in COEX. A pretty massive exhibition and trade show that stretchers over 2 floors and multiple halls.

It was fascinating to see the huge amount of business that directly or indirectly depend on coffee here in Korea alone. Participants reached from coffee producing countries’ embassies and exporters, to traders, roasters, coffee shop supplies suppliers and many more.

Interesting also how many people here were very curious to see this show. It was pretty busy and people (including myself) were hyper engaged in tasting coffee, exploring equipment or just learning and looking.
Needless to say I used this chance to taste many different coffees: red wine flavored Indonesian coffee (why!?), Hawaiian coffee (sounds better than it tasted), various Ethiopian brews (never ever enough!), and also some Christmas flavored instant coffee (don’t ask).

Tool wise it was impressive. Obviously Hario and Kalita everywhere, but also some cool (or sad?) stuff like an automated hand dripper that rotates the filter while dripping. At least I had never seen that. Got nostalgic and hoped this would never be mainstream.

Also included was a ton of industrial size equipment such as roasters, sorters or espresso machines for solid 5 digit dollar amounts.

All in all a really great event and I definitely  highly recommend to check it out next time around.

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