Bakers & Baristas – pour-over goodness in California

Even when travelling I cannot do without pour-over. So while in East LA, a quick search revealed that there are few and (quite literally) far in between places offering pour-over coffee in this part of the world. But I found Bakers & Baristas, which is located in Artesia, CA.

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The pour-over menu consisted of not much detail, but only ‘Guatemala’, ‘Ethiopia’ and 2-3 other countries (turned out later they source their beans from Heart Roasters and also sell the beans itself in-store).


I went for the Ethiopian Worka. Prepared with a good mix of Californian hipsterism and technique, including scales and timers all along the way. Even though it seemed a bit rushed on the pouring side the result was great.


This coffee was fruity (not sure I really tasted peach as promised) with a light acidity. As an alternative, Bakers & Barista also offers siphon brewed coffee, plenty of milky things, and a wide brunch menu – all in all a great place, not only considering it is almost without serious competition nearby, but also in absolute terms!

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