Solid Coffee Roasters LA – no frills, decent coffee 

I did it. I managed to find another pour-over coffee haven here out East of LA, California: Solid Coffee Roasters in Artesia.

Google maps:

The place was full of enthusiastic Macbook users, a classic indicator of coffee culture nearby? In any case they roast their own beans, and the menu for pour-over is hence fairly compact:


As so often and in line with my mood, I went for ‘Ethiopia’. Preparation was just as it should be, with all necessary precision around weighing and timing – the guys don’t mess around here. And they are super friendly, a huge California bonus!


The end product was unfortunately what I as an amateur would call a little ‘too strong’, I didn’t really get a lot of fruitiness or floweriness (I unfortunately don’t remember which region in Ethiopia the coffee was from and what taste there was supposed to be). But that was likely my own, these days Starbucks-plagued palate. Definitely a nice cafe to visit and hang out in – with or without Macbook!


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