Berkeley Coffee Social – cosy coffee haven

A short hike up from bustling Kyoungridan is one of the more famous coffee shops in town: Berkeley Coffee Social.

Naver maps link: Berkeley Coffee Social

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The shop is small but very cosy and invites to hang out for hours, with plenty of magazines and books around (of course, you could probably also hang out with a smartphone).

The menu for pour over is changing based on availability and at the time of our visit they had an Ethiopian and a Tanzanian option. Ethiopia it was!

This place  is very different from technocrat alternatives like Peer or Devastate – it gives a nice warm feel. Fortunately that does not come with the ‘overly intuitive’ approach of other cafes. Components are warmed up, a scale and timer were there all the way and actually used, too. Things are done properly.

The result was a great cup of Ethiopian coffee and it came along with some nice chat, too. Berkeley Coffee has a safe spot among my favorites in the city! See you soon.

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