Coffee Arco – a Sinsa highlight

Surprisingly there’s not a crazy amount of pour-over options in Sinsa-dong. One that has been around for a few years already is Coffee Arco.

Naver maps link: Coffee Arco

Google maps:

The place is mid-sized with plenty of tables to sit on but far short of a multi story behemoth. It has a European flair to it. Apart from the coffees, they also have some strong Tiramisu game (just as a side note).

Coffee selection for pour over as follows:

We went for the ones from Costa Rica and Honduras. We had a chance to sit right by where the caffeine magic happens. The barista was very meticulous about every step; scales and timers all the way, and plenty of patience for the pouring itself.

The result were two very different, but equally great cups of coffee. The Honduran was my favorite with plenty of grape, while the Costa Rican coffee was a little low on profile for my taste.

All in all a great spot for hand drip coffee and definitely a recommended destination in this part of Seoul.

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