Kaiser Coffee – a basic, budget alternative

This coffee shop is in Gangnam, and only minutes away from Gangnam station, but worlds away from the mansions on coffee hill like Alver:

Naver maps link: Kaiser Coffee

Google maps:

It is very small with just a few seats and a basic menu. For hand drip, the menu was short but totally sufficient:

I went for the Yirgacheffe. Process-wise everything was pretty basic. No scales or timers, and instead of via a carafe, the coffee was dripped straight into a cup (which can be fine in my opinion). Also, the dripping was less dripping and more steeping – keeping the water level pretty high at all times.

The result was nothing extraordinary, but I guess its value for money: The prices are half of the close-by competitors. But Kaiser Coffee has not made it to my list of favorites. 

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