Kamome Gangneun – cute, but don’t come for the coffee

For our next stop in Gangneung, we targeted a small shop right on the Anmok beach promenade: Kamome.

Naver maps link: Kamome

Google maps:

The place is very cosy and immediately feels comfortable enough to hang out and enjoy the view for a while.

For coffee options they have a few beans to choose from.

Preparation was as far away from benchmark players such as Devastate, as one could imagine. Staff was very sweet, but it didn’t really seem like they had been through any serious pour over training or at the very least they weren’t equipped sufficiently: No scale, no timers, water streaming down the walls of the dripper. And to make things worse, the brown paper filter wasn’t rinsed up front.

As a result, I had a few sips of paper tasting brown liquid. I don’t know if the beans were just old or had given up against the paper taste, but it certainly wasn’t very enjoyable.

Again, the view was nice and people mean well, but maybe focus more on pastries and lemonade.

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