Happy Baristas – hand-drip happiness in Berlin

During a quick trip to Berlin I had a chance to look around what the German capital has to offer in terms of hand dripped coffee. Quick stop at Happy Baristas.

Google maps:

Happy Baristas is located in a really cool part of town and the coffee shop is no exception, with an interior that includes a sink, some trees parts and some art (assumed to be hip essentials these days).

The coffee menu is extensive both in terms of types of preparation as well as bean selection. Beans are sourced from different roasters around Germany and Europe, including Workshop Coffee (London) or even from Berlin cornerstone The Barn. For pour over, during my visit they had 2 options:

The barista explained the coffees in length with a lot of of detail, really interesting! In terms of preparation German precision hit a home run (or scored a goal, I guess): scales, timers, and dedication. In my opinion it’s hard to do it any better.

The results were outstanding. The Panamanian as well as the Columbian coffee we had were simply great. I preferred the Panamanian that was surprisingly acidy. But also the Colombian fruit bomb was outstanding.

Happy Baristas made me very happy. When I’m back in Berlin, I will surely check back in.

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