C.through – strong coffee game in bright new area

Something is brewing in the back alleys of Itaewon. More and more development is happening a few steps off Itaewon’s bar street in the back alleys towards Kyungridan. One brand new coffee shop we discovered there is #씨스루 or C.through.

Naver maps link: C.through

Google maps:

According to current standard design, the cafe is home to a lot of raw concrete, a few selfie-inducing weird objects, and of course a compact coffee bar right front and center.

For pour over, only one option at the time of visit (February 2017): Ethiopia. Recommend along with Chemex preparation.

The place is popular for Latte art online, too, but their hand drip game was strong, very strong indeed. Both are not often found in the same place.

Preparation was first class. It doesn’t seem that many people order hand drip; the search for filters took a minute. But all that followed was by the book (if that even exists): Everything was weighed, timed, components all pre heated and flushed, plenty of time taken for preparation, too.

The end product was a near perfect cup of caffeine gold. Nicely balanced, surprisingly chocolaty, but with a fruity note – just tasty.

Definitely a place to come back to, and next time I will also tackle their Tiramisu (which is all over IG).

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