Caffè Pascucci – the real deal in Milan

It was a real struggle to find any place that offers hand drip coffee in Milan at all. No surprise, given that people get their frequent fix with Espressi several times a day. But we managed to find a place: Caffè Pascucci.

Google maps:

Yes, THE Pascucci that also opened hundreds of stores around Korea in the last 10 years. But fortunately this place is very different from its boring offsprings.

Also here pour over coffee is only served rarely as I was told by the barista. They focus on espresso based drinks otherwise, but for hand drip they also have a selection of beans from Rwanda, Ecuador and interestingly a Geisha from Colombia – that was also what I chose.

Preparation was close to perfect, especially considering they don’t get to make many of these around here. Beans and water were weighed, all was nicely warmed up and also timed. The pouring was a bit on the quick side, only to be then left alone while another espresso was prepared. But all in all no reasons for dissatisfaction.

The result was a great, fruity, but chocolaty cup of coffee – something I had missed dearly between many Espressi before.

Whereas I wouldn’t set foot in the Cafe Pascucci in Korea, here in Italy that’s definitely recommended!

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