Moleskine Cafe Milan – good, but mostly a store for notebooks

Chances were slim, but we managed to find another source of hand dripped coffee in espresso county: Moleskine Cafe in Milan.

Google maps:

The place is basically a Moleskine shop like many others, but it houses a coffee bar that offers pour over coffee – random, but why not.

The options for pour-over are fairly standard: a Colombian, Ethiopian, and 2-3 others. My choice as usual was the Sidamo they had available. 

The preparation was again very routinely. Much better than in many places that I have seen where all the barista does is pour-over; here their main trade is actually espresso, so it was great to see the dedication to hand drip coffee. Whereas all was weighed and watched, the pouring was speedy and dripping was pretty much done in under 2 minutes, which I think impacted the outcome quite a bit.

The result was an OK cup, but whereas the smell was promising, the taste was very thin and not a real highlight. Of course, there may have been many reasons for that, so if there’s a next time, I’m optimistic it can be a better experience.

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