Everything but the hero – not that heroic

Half way up to the Grand Hyatt in 경리단길 we went to check out a cafe opened by the brother of a Korean actor: Everything but the hero.

Naver maps link: Everything but the hero

Google maps:

They roast in a lab right next door from the cafe, and you can smell the freshly roasted beans from a few houses away already. The inside is really nicely designed and you also get a nice view of Namsan.

The coffee selection is extensive (but very pricey even for pour-over standards):

Preparation was a bit of a mixed bag, but more on the ‘not so great’ side. Whereas beans were weighed, there was no pre-wetting of the filter or other gear. Also no scale or timer nearby. But technique was patient and took the time the coffee deserved.

As a result, the Yirgachefe was very mild, yet had a nice flowery note – a little too mild for my taste, though.

Overall the cafe is definitely a nice hang out, but at least during this visit they couldn’t fully convince on the hand-drip side – especially not at their current prices.

Tip: see our map page for nearby alternatives!

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