Manufact Coffee – pretty, and very underwhelming 

A catch-all shop on the first 3 floors (Queenmama market), outstanding design inside and outside – but we wanted to take a closer look at their pour-over game: Manufact Coffee in Apgujeong .

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The cafe on the top floor is one of the nicest spaces in the city, despite strong competition from the likes of Alver or Relieve.

There are a decent amount of pour-over options to choose from and also this is  (to our huge surprise over and over) one of the cheapest places to got your fix.

I gave the Finca La Joya from El Salvador a try, or to be precise let the barista give it a try.

In my opinion the key to great pour-over is precision, since it enables consistency and allows to experiment with individual elements. This consistency is what’s missing at Manufact. It was not our first visit and we watched the preparation of several hand-drip coffees. And they were all done differently: infusion times varied between 2 and 5 (!) Minutes), sometimes the brown filters were washed sometimes they weren’t, there was no scale or other measurement for the water.

Of course, experience can compensate for a lot – but not for all these factors. At least not in my opinion. The result (maybe thanks to the 5 minutes infusion) was a cup with which I struggled a little, but after cooling down significantly at least a light chocolate note was noticeable. 

Manufact is a supreme space, but at this point it seems like they are not even trying.

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