10000Lab – good pour-over arrived in lower HBC

A relatively new kid on a not so new block in HBC was due for a visit: 10000Lab (sharing space with Namib gallery).

Naver maps link: 10000LAB X NAMIB

Google maps:

The name is fancy, if not confusing, but the store is beautifully designed. A touch of the simple design as found at Devastate but with a colorful touch, including a gallery in the basement.

4 different beans were ready to be put to use for pour over coffee – along with some nice explanation and comparison of taste profiles.

We chose the Yirgacheffe and the Kenyan Peaberry, and the preparation was largely good. Except that the infusion was relatively short, and then additional water needed to be added – why not take a bit longer and then automatically have the amount and (hopefully) proportions right? But other than that no complaints.

The result was one very stereotype fruity and one mildly chocolocaty cup – but both a little on the light side.

We really liked the space, also due to the gallery; and the coffee was good, but with minor adjustments it could really rise to a top spot (tip: check our map page for the current top spots).

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