Ikovox Itaewon – Chemex for the win

Update (June 2018): As of March this year, no more pour-over / hand-drip coffee at this location.

Following the original review from May 2017 for reference:

As we are making the rounds to ‘document’ the Classics in Seoul, it’s surprising it took us so long to get to Ikovox in Itaewon. The place is up a small side street from the main bar alley.

Naver maps link: Ikovox Itaewon

Google maps:

The inside is dark (and would benefit from opening windows occasionally…), but cosy and inviting to hang out for a while. Even better to sit outside where there’s usually plenty of space.

All hand dripped magic happens on a Chemex here and there are a few beans to choose from:

For preparation, the filter wasn’t rinsed before the beans came into play, but the rest was to the book. Half a minute of blooming with a little bit of water, and then another 4 minutes of actual brewing with the remaining water – very nice.

The result was a really clear cup of coffee, as it should be. Light flower note (and fortunately no paper taste) was a great combination together with some of the first real sunshine this year in Seoul.

Ikovox held up to our expectations and we shall be back soon here (hopefully after they let in a fresh breeze), or trying out one of their other 2 locations in Gangnam.

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