Coffee@works Incheon Airport – ready for departure 

We have been pretty excited about the coffee@works cafe in central Gangnam and are aware that they have quite a few locations around Seoul. But we now got to stop by the one at Incheon Airport to get a pre-flight hand-drip-fix.

[Update 2019 Feb: The original review was for the Terminal 1 location (by Gate 40), but Terminal 2 also has one (by Gate 253).]

The cafe is right by Gate 40 (Terminal 1; in Terminal 2 by Gate 253), just a 3 minute walk after the security checks.
The available beans change, at time of visit (March 2017) they had 2 options.

The Colombian single origin seemed like the better choice. The tool of choice was a Chemex. But whereas the beans were weighed and a scale was used, the timer in that scale must have felt a little neglected. The pour was done after just around 2 minutes – apparently optimized for on time departures.

The result was a Chemex-clean coffee, but a little under-infused. It definitely did the trick though and helped us to stay awake on a long day-flight.

It’s not the most cosy location and not the perfect execution we are used to from their Gangnam store, but definitely much preferred to the alternatives at Incheon airport.

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