Cafe Onna – a happy hand-drip find in Barcelona

During our holiday in Spain we had the opportunity to explore Barcelona and stop by Cafe Onna for some pour-over coffee.

Google maps:

The place is small, but comfortable and  boasts an equally compact menu for hand drip coffee, basically 2 different beans prepared with your method of choice.

I chose the Rio Jorco / V60 combination (at only 3 Euros!). The place has a very friendly vibe, and also the baristas are helpful and friendly. But also the attention to process was very high. Beans and water were weighed and all was flushed with hot water. Only the pouring was a bit heavy handed (a lot of water at once), but within bounds as far as I see it.

The result was a very aromatic coffee, dark berries on board. Onna’s hand-drip coffee is for sure a recommendation when in Barcelona – and their snacks looked nice too.

Plus: orange trees lining the street outside are definitely a mood booster!

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