Baum Coffee Museum Jeju – a switching station turned café

In Jeju there are as many options to get coffee as there are oranges for sale. But for pour-over the choices are few. We went to Baum Coffee Museum (커피박물관 Baum) as our first stop.

Naver maps link: 제주커피박물관 Baum

Google maps:

The cafe is located in what was originally a switching station for telecommunication. Surrounded by woods and plenty of space to walk around, or just relax on the roof top, it is a great destination in itself.

Once we made our way through the actual museum  (which shows pretty cups, brewing methods and beans, and also offers brewing classes) the coffee bar is on the 2nd floor.

For hand-drip there are plenty of options:

The preparation was ok, but spotty. The filters were washed, but as so often there was no scale near or far – not for the beans and not for the water. The timer was close, but regardless the brewing time was pretty short with far below 2 minutes. And to make things more interesting, the barista added water to the cups after all seemed down.

In short, something was probably off with how coarse the grind was. The Ethiopian coffee managed to be a bit flowery but was definitely on the very light end.

We liked the location a lot and the cafe has a lot of character, but coffee-wise they still have the potential to step it up a bit.

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