Anthracite Jeju – pretty space, mediocre rest

The Jeju coffee market is big enough to also attract the big players from Seoul. Enter Anthracite.

Naver maps link: Anthracite Jeju (앤트러사이트 제주한림점)

Google maps:

Located not far off the shore in what formerly was a greenhouse complex it doesn’t get much more hipster.

The place is a very unique setup that maintained a lot of the original elements, which could mean you trip over big plant watering equipment en route to the bar. But it’s perfect for pictures.

There are plenty of options for hand-drip:

The preparation was unfortunately very similar to their Seoul / Itaewon store: basically no measurement at all, no scales or timers anywhere.

Process, again similar to Seoul, was basically pouring the majority of water into the dripper at once and that’s that.

The result was surprisingly tasty, but a little light, maybe because of the sub 2 minute infusion time. But at least the coffee made it a bit easier to eat the very dry chocolate pound cake.

Anthracite Jeju is worth checking out because of the unique cafe setup, but not for the pour-over coffee.

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