5Extracts – location yay, coffee ok

Update April 2019: the Itaewon location is closed. Following, the original review:

A while ago we went to 5Brewing in Hongdae and weren’t that enthusiastic. Time has passed and we wanted to give their other store in Itaewon a chance: 5Extracts.

Naver maps link: 5Extracts Itaewon (파이브익스트랙츠)

Google maps:

The place is in the perfect location for foot traffic along Itaewon’s main strip and hence fairly busy most times. It’s a modern, clean layout that we really liked and you can gaze out of the large windows while sipping on whatever keeps you caffeinated.

For hand-drip Chemex is the tool of choice and at time of our visit (April 2017) they had beans from Kenya and Ethiopia among others (more details about the beans could not be extracted).

Preparation was somewhat similar to 5Brewing: paper filters were washed and all components pre warmed. But zero use of scales or timers. The extraction time was pretty short, just around 2 minutes. Again, styles are different, but this seems very short to really make the best of the bean.

I am aware that hand-drip is not something they do all the time (especially not at 8,000 ₩ a cup). But especially if that’s the case, scales and timers can actually make it easier for the barista – and significantly increase quality and consistency thereof.

5Extracts, same as 5Brewing, has potential, but we don’t currently see a good reason why to go there for pour-over coffee.

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