Traveling Coffee Kyoto – hang-out in a class room

One of the more ‘eclectic’ places we visited in Kyoto is located in a former school building. The elementary school closed in the early 90s and now it is home to a very cool cafe: Traveling Coffee (トラベリング コーヒー).

Google maps:

It seems as if class just ended hours ago, the interior probably hasn’t changed much and there is still a light scent of study stress in the air.

The coffee menu is short and crisp, there’s only one blend:

Preparation was again intuition-driven, with no scales and timers in the neighborhood. Unfortunately the pour was fairly quick and there may have been more in the beans than we got to experience.

The result of the House Blend was a fairly bitter (as seemingly more common in Kyoto compared to Seoul) cup and we struggled to taste beyond that.

We really liked the place because of its ambience, but the pour-over was a little bit so so.

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