Coffee Beans Rococo Nara – unexpected, convenient, good

A visit to the Kansai region is not really complete without a stopover in Nara, and even if just to take same selfies with the deer that are all around. Even in Nara we managed to track down a pour-over destination: Coffee Beans Rococo (formerly named Rokumei).

Google maps:

The place is steps away from one of the two main train stations and easy to find. It is a breakfast place / plain vanilla looking cafe but has a very extensive menu of beans to choose from:

Preparation was the most instrument-reliant we have witnessed during our short trip to the region. Beans and water was measured all the way, a timer (or intituition) kept the infusion time close to the 3 minute mark and all else was also as it should be, including filter washing and pre heating components.

The final cup (Kenyan bean) was a beautifully fruity one, contrary to the menu I would have described it more as plum/cherry. But taste buds are different so let’s agree to disagree.

All in all, a very nice spot to get a proper caffeine fix before getting another full day of temple sightseeing in – recommended!

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