Big Step Coffee – quite a few steps left to good coffee

Inspired by the boom of the area, another cafe popped up near Kyungridan-Gil, this one with the ambition of also serving pour-over: Big Step Coffee.

Naver maps link: Big Step Coffee 빅스텝커피

Google maps:

Not sure if the idea for the store or the name was first, but in any case the big steps at the store front are the unique thing about this place. Nice for hanging out and seeing life roll by.

When we visited they had a decent selection of single origins to choose from. For preparation, most of all I had to feel a bit sorry. I must’ve been the first customer of the day (at 11 AM) since all movements seemed painful for the barista.

It seemed like hand-drip had been put on offer because it’s a thing, but unfortunately nobody had really explained how to prepare one, or give the tools. No scale, no timer, a Niagara-style fast-pour in around 1.5 minutes. Not great.

The result: a cup of fairly flavorless but surprisingly burned tasting coffee. I don’t do this often, but I couldn’t take more than half the cup. I will try again another day to see if I just hit a bad day, and update here (if needed).

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