Cafe Grumpy New York – a little speedy, but not grumpy at all

In New York, the struggle is less to find pour-over at all, but it is about finding really good pour-over. First stop on this quest: Cafe Grumpy in the Fashion District.

Google maps:

We visited mid-afternoon on a weekday and the place was really busy, but service was still friendly and quick. A good start. They have a good selection of beans. In line with hipsteresque expectations, names of roasts are hard to pronounce. A plus, I guess.

Preparation was basic, but good. Filters weren’t flushed with water, but all was done with scales (or at least on top of scales). There was a little too much going on at the same time, and I think the pour was a little on the quick side (under 2 minutes). Maybe because the store was really busy.

I really did want to taste the Creme Brulee that seems to come with the Gatuyaini I chose, but this time the taste was on the thin side, at least for my amateur taste buds. Caramel, brown sugar, yes. But not much more this time.

All in all a nice place at a convenient location, worth a minor detour.

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