Coffee Factory Gangnam – great new pour-over stop-over

A stroll around Gangnam is always worthwhile, since restaurant and cafes change so frequently. Latest random discovery: Coffee Factory in Gangnam.

Naver maps link: Coffee Factory 커피팩토리

Google maps:

The cafe is very nicely designed and clearly aiming at coffee aficionados. They have all sorts of coffee, but also a separate hand drip bar with a dedicated barista. A plus.

Bean selection is wide, but during peak lunch hour only Kenyan AA was available, not ideal but ok (even though I am not sure how this makes peak hour more bearable).

In any case, the process was pretty good, taking a simple step-by-step look: All parts were measured along the way, unfortunately the brown filter wasn’t pre-flushed, the pouring itself was very meticulous (check out that focus on the photo), just a little on the fast side.

But the result was an outstanding cup of coffee that had a lot of volume and light note of berries.

Definitely worth stopping by when you’re in the area – and I hope the filter-thing was a one time thing…

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