Little Collins Midtown East – great, but machine-dripped coffee

In an area that has historically not been a coffee paradise, we found a rare combination of caffeine ambition and promising-looking brunch food: Little Collins on Lexington between 55/56th.

Google maps:

The place is busy, but turnover is also fairly quick so scoring a table is possible. 

The brunch menu is pretty complete, very different from most decent coffee places (that mostly only serve cookies or muffins, best case).

The coffee at our visit came from Takeflightcoffee, and we chose to give the Ethiopian Guji a try.

After putting a filter into the dripper, unfortunately the human didn’t play much of a role anymore. But the machine (I think it was the same as we saw at Stumptown), dripped out a really nice cup of coffee. Jasmine flowery note, great with some avocado toast too.

Definitely recommended to stop by, even though I always miss the human touch, especially when it’s such a friendly crew as at Little Collins.

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