Who’d Coffee Gumi – big city style surprise 

The name is odd: Who’d. But seriously, who’d have thought to find this kind of cafe in a small city like Gumi.

Naver maps link: 후드커피 구미

Google maps:

Probably unique in the area, and definitely ambitious from a design point of view, we would’ve expected this kind of place in Seoul, but not so much here.

The space is not only big but also really nicely equipped with plenty of modern furniture all around. Two floors and a terrace (without furniture for now) that are very inviting to hang out.

The coffee menu includes two blends (primarily for espresso) and 3 single origins for hand-drip:

The pour-over process overall was very quick, but most essentials were in place: scaling of beans, rinsing of (white) filter. But all the water went into the dripper at once without much pouring technique, unfortunately.

The result was surprising, as the taste of the Ethiopian coffee I chose was more chocolate and caramel than fruits and flowers. Not surprising: taste was a bit light.

Overall a really nice cafe to check out, but the pour-over game is not yet top notch – which may still change, given that they have only recently opened doors. And the Brownie game is already very strong now…

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