Alchemist Cafe Andong – far away, and not great either

Coming as far out of Seoul as Andong, we were really surprised there was any option at all for pour-over, but here it was: Alchemist.

Naver maps link: 커피의 연금술사

Google maps:

The cafe was not busy at all, and provides plenty of seating inside and outside.

For beans, 7 options were on the menu, and most also available:

Preparation was a ‘basic’ operation, and the steps were not really on par with top cafes.

The brown filter was not rinsed, no scale or timer at any point in time, and all the water (without the typical 30 seconds of pre-soaking) went in in one pour. A quick pour, too. So probably the grind was a bit off too.

The taste was nothing much to speak off, except a light surprise that Ethiopian coffee would be this caramel-like.

All in all, nothing to write home about. Or maybe it was just a bad day, as such happens.

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