Ikovox Garosu-gil – convenient, and decent Chemex game

We had already visited the Itaewon branch, but now Ikovox’ Apgujeong/Garosugil location was due.

Naver maps link: 이코복스커피

Google maps:

The place is obviously in a great location, just one block off the center of Garosugil. The setup is nice too, with a cosy space inside, but also a good amount of seats and tables outside (in the shade).

Bean selection is great. Unfortunately Ethiopian beans were out, so I chose Brazil instead.

Same as in Itaewon, it all goes down on Chemex. The weighing of beans, rinsing of filters and dripping itself were as they should be. But amount of water and duration of pour was more on the ‘intuitive’ side – no timers. Whereas in Itaewon the pour took solid 4 minutes, here it was barely 2.

The result was a decent cup, but no outstanding features, may have to try again. Cheese cake was good though. All in all, I would probably come back if I happen to be in the area.

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