Dokoro – Hannam goes hand-drip

Update January 2018: the cafe is closed. The boutique / store is still open, but no more coffee.

Following the original review from July 2017:

We stumbled upon a relatively new place in Hannam, and obviously needed to check it out: Cafe Dokoro.

Naver maps link: 유르트 / 도코로

Google maps:

The Cafe is in the same house as a craft leather shop / boutique (Yurt), and it’s a beautifully converted house with space stretching across 3 floors and a nice front yard.

The coffee selection at time of visit was ‘surprising’: beans were espresso beans only. And they don’t even offer espresso based drinks…

The preparation of the hand-drip was otherwise totally fine. A rinsed white filter, beans and water was weighed, and the pour was (even though quick) pretty thoughtful. Really what it should be.

The result was nevertheless a below average cup of coffee, very bitter tasting, not much else (even though I had it on ice which generally makes it lighter already).

I really hope they solve the bean sourcing, because then they could be a nice addition in this otherwise coffee-neglected corner.

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