A3chive- top-notch pour-over, but what a name 

Right in Dongdaemun Design Plaza, there is a very large space carved out for A3chive. It gives the feeling as if they were handing out coffee in an art gallery – but it might be reverse.

Naver maps link: A3chive

Google maps:

The coffee menu for pour-over includes four different beans:

Preparation process was extremely meticulous (great!). Beans weighed, everything rinsed and warmed up. Timing and technique of the 4 pours on point, too.

And also, the barista tasted the coffee (fairly standard in good places), and then adjusted the amount of water in the mix. Something you rarely see around here, or anywhere, really.

The result was a great cup of coffee in a fancy cup, accompanied by an excellent piece of apple pie. The cafe is definitely worth checking out, enjoy their excellent hand-drip!

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