Twoffice – nice low-key hang-out in the North

A few steps away from DDP, located on the top floor of a very non-descriptive office building, I went to check out Twoffice.

Naver maps link: 투피스

Google maps:

The cafe is small and very cute, and offers a nice view of the park across the street – the view is even better from the rooftop!

The owner built this place around her idea of hanging out with friends, ideally over coffee or stronger drinks. If you believe Instagram, Einspänner is their special; but I came for the pour-over.

As far as beans go, unfortunately there were only blends available when I dropped by.

Now, it must be said that it was not so much a real pour-over, as the owner is using a Clever – so more ‘drip and let sit’ than actual pouring. But because she is running the place by herself, a Chemex or others would just take too much time I figure.

As far as preparation goes, there is not much to be said – the Clever dripper is just not really my favorite tool. Mostly because it doesn’t allow to adjust for specific beans or taste profiles.

But the end product was a totally acceptable, caramel sweet cup of coffee. The place is a very chill hang-out and worth checking out when in the area. And maybe if business is going well, somebody else can even run a Chemex full-time at some point in the future.

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