Kaffe 1668 New York – new favorite added to the list

Only 3 blocks away from the Hudson, but still in easy walking distance from central Tribeca, we went to check out Kaffee 1668.

Google maps:

Apart from some great food options, the cafe is also really nicely designed, and provides a dark and cool shelter if needed (in our case it was needed; New York summers are hot).

The menu for pour-overs was long, but also we always appreciate a bit of guidance, and the tasting notes definitely helped. We chose the Ethiopian Tawo Mok.

The process was a great example how pour-over should be done, only the total infusion time of 7 minutes seemed a bit long.

Other than that, filters were rinsed, scales used for all parts, and the water came in 5 small pours and plenty attention.

The result was an extremely fresh tasting cup with a strong berry note.

Overall, highly recommended and next time will need to ask about that long pour – I’m sure there’s a good reason for that, too.

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