Devastate Hannam – new store, almost same quality

One of our favorite cafes, Devastate, a few weeks ago opened their new store North of the river in Hannam, right near UN Village.

Google maps:

Naver maps link: 데바스테이트 한남점

The space is similarly sized as the original, but slightly less edgy in terms of design. Also there are more food options, probably to attract a wider range of people.

For pour-over, a nice range of beans were available:

Unfortunately the process was not as great as hoped, but still very good. The white paper filter and the dripper (same fancy Bairro Altos) were not rinsed prior to infusion; thus the filter even peeled off the dripper and the pour got more tricky.

But the pouring technique itself was very solid, with 3 pours nicely timed just over 3 minutes, and scales and timers in place.

Overall, I got to enjoy a great cup of coffee, but could get even more excited if the small details also get sorted out by the next time we visit, and also to meet the high standards the first branch had set.

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