Kenya Kiambu – totally worth the hike

We got ambitious and made the ‘climb’ up to a cafe right up by the Grand Hyatt hotel in Itaewon: Kenya Kiambu.

Google maps:

Naver maps link: 케냐키암부

The cafe is adjacent to the Kenyan embassy, but more importantly it is a very spacious outfit, including a great view of Seoul and Namsan tower.

The coffee menu is fairly extensive, and to go with the name, I chose a bean from the Kiambu region.

I went to witness some of the most precise pours in a while, with a lot of attention to how, when and where to pour the water. The only negative was that none of the brown filters were rinsed, which could impact the taste quite a bit. Also, no scale was used.

Regardless, the coffee was extremely tasty, with a great caramel note.

Altogether I can definitely recommend to check the cafe out and spend some time there, too.

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