Punglim Dabang Jeju – remote excellence in every way

Not that easy to find, but close to the middle of nowhere on Jeju island we tracked down 풍림다방, Punglim Dabang – for lack of a non-Korean name.

Google maps:

Naver maps link: 풍림다방 제주

The cafe is hidden behind classic Jeju-style lava stone walls, and it can require a bit of a wait to get in. There are roughly 25 seats inside, so it shouldn’t take terribly long.

Their coffee menu for pour-over is compact:

We hadn’t seen this in a while: a cloth filter – and the barista fully knew what he was doing. Apart from the ‘hygiene factors’ such as using a scale or thermometer, and rinsing components with hot water, he paid utmost attention to detail and took a lot of time for each of the carefully placed pours.

The result was a really rich cup of Ethiopia Sidamo, plenty caramel / burned sugar notes.

Apart from an overall strong recommendation, we can also advise to get some cheese cake – if you can find the place.

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