Cafe Seren di Jeju – good start, very thin finish

Different from other cafes on Jeju we have visited, this one is not in an attractive location by the water, but rather between some beer bars: Cafe Seren di. Funky name, too.

Google maps:

Naver maps link: 카페세렌디 제주

Regardless of location, the place is really nicely designed with plenty of comfortable space to hang out.

For pour-over coffee, they had 3 beans to choose from:

The Chemex and all other parts were rinsed, beans were measured and all seemed fine. But 2.5 minutes into infusion, the barista stopped, added water to the brew thus far and that was that.

I am not sure why, but would think the grind was not fine enough and water went too fast; but then, also two and a half minutes is very quick. Very confusing.

The result was a not only fairly small, but mostly fairly thin tasting cup. A pleasant flowery note, but far too light – at least for my taste.

Overall, this cafe has potential and I really hope they sort this grind/timing issue out.

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