Cafe Miamoglie – far away, worth the journey

Entirely unexpected and severely outside Seoul city centre, we randomly found a gem: Cafe Miamoglie (커피전설미아몰리에).

Naver maps link: 커피전설미아몰리에

Google maps:

This place is beautifully located by a little stream and has plenty inside and outside space.

As I was told, all beans are roasted on site and they even have their own technique: charcoal roasting.

That said, there are plenty of different beans available:

Surprises kept coming. The pouring process was extremely refined, paying attention to absolutely everything from rinsing components to precise and well-timed pours.

Both, the Ethiopian and also the Blue Mountain from Cameroon we had ordered were wonderful cups of coffee. One with a clear, crisp citrus note, the other one much darker and a deep orange taste.

Overall, we were really surprised to find this kind of strong hand-drip game fairly far outside the city – but we will come back.

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