커피한잔 – feels like home, with better coffee

  1. Venturing out in Northern Seoul, we visited 사직동 (Sajik dong), an area not only beautiful to stroll around but also full of cafes. Our destination: 커피한잔 (literal translation: a cup of coffee).

Google maps:

Naver maps link: 커피한잔 사직동

The cafe has a great vibe.

It has plenty of seating, plenty of quirky details to look at (hint: the ceiling lamps), and most of all is very serious about coffee, even though they only had a Colombian and an Ethiopian bean available.

커피한잔 is one of the few places patient enough to use a cloth filter for their pour-over. And they do it right.

There was no scale at play, but the owner put maximum attention to the pour. A very slow, constant pour with a few breaks. Total infusion of just over 2 minutes.

The Ethiopian coffee had a dark, strong orange note that we really enjoyed! And the tiramisu on the side was extremely tasty, too.

If you’re up in the area you should pass by, if you’re not, then you should, too.

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