Namusairo – tradition meets modern meets hand-drip

Time to document a visit to a classic in Northern Seoul: 나무사이로 (Namusairo).

Google maps:

Naver maps link: 나무사이로

The cafe is built in a traditional Korean house, and (apart from the new design temples throughout the city) is probably one of the prettiest cafes in the city.

The list of options for hand-drip coffee is long. Tempted by the promise of Jasmin notes, I opted for the Chelelektu from Ethiopia.

Except missing to rinse the white paper filter, all else was a perfect process. Plenty of rinsing otherwise, scales and timers, and a very slow pour. Even careful (and measured) adjustment with some water at the end to ensure a good end product.

The taste profile was different than expected and hoped (zero Jasmin, at least I couldn’t find it): a light note of peach, hiding behind what I think is a fairly dark roast – but very tasty.

Namusairo is definitely worth a visit!

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