Ep3. Black Essence – weird name and a lot of gear

What looks like a coffee equipment store from the outside, turned out to be a big cafe including roasting on-site: ep3. black essence / 통인동커피공방. Quite some names.

Google maps:

Naver maps link: 통인동커피공방

The cafe is neatly set up, with the roasting equipment right behind the counter, plenty of tools on display for purchase, and most importantly a very long list of options for beans:

I chose a standard Kochere G1 from Ethiopia. Preparation process was a mixed bag. Paper filters were not rinsed, no scale or timer to be seen at any point of the pour (but beans were weighed before entering the dry filter). The pour itself was done with a lot of attention, and very carefully.

Light confusion at the end, when randomly water was added. In itself that’s fine if measured. But just a pour to make sure the cup would be full – not ideal in my opinion.

The taste profile was a bit of cacao and maybe plum, but in my opinion a very dark roast.

All together, the cafe is nice to look at and has a great selection and all, but the coffee infusion itself is not (maybe yet) able to deliver fully. Maybe next time!

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