Starbucks Reserve Beijing – basic services, as usual

After a few mixed experiences at the Starbucks Reserve cafes in Seoul, on a recent trip to Beijing I gave the Reserve another shot – mostly for the lack of alternatives.

Google maps:

Adress (since Google maps may not work):

Beijing Shi, Chaoyang Qu, GuoMao, Guanghua Rd, 1号嘉里中心商场 邮政编码: 100001

The cafe is located in a very dense business area, opposite the CCTV headquarters and near Jintaixizhao station.

The experience was very consistent with that in Korea. The coffee menu is extensive and also it’s possible to choose your favorite brewing tool.

Preparation of the coffee on the other hand is as mediocre as expected. Filters were not rinsed, all water went in in one continuous pour within less than 2 minutes.

The result was a funky mix of a lack of real taste, but the Starbucks typical bitterness was still palpable. The good thing: the coffee did wake me up a little bit. And, the cafe is really nicely designed, too.

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