Meraki Coffee Roasters Maldives – Brooklyn on an island

There are only 2 big islands in the Maldives, fortunately both have a specialty coffee cafe each. On Male island, we visited Meraki Coffee Roasters.

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The inside could be anywhere hip in the world, with dark wood interior, elegant furniture. The place screams coffee from every corner, with equipment, beans and artsy things all around.

The coffee menu houses 4 different beans that are all roasted on the island.

Preparation was similar to Family Room Cafe on the other big island, Hulhumale: Really detail-oriented, paying close attention to scale and timer, but minus an app that dictates brew ratios.

Most of all it is always nice to see full focus on one coffee at a time, instead of juggling between many customers at a time.

The result was, again, an outstanding cup of coffee. Extreme clarity of the cup, nice flowery taste.

Overall, again, a bit of a surprise to experience this in the Maldives – but a great one!

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