Crowd Coffee – not as crowded as it should be

A little tucked away, but only a few minutes off the business of Gyeongnidan-gil (경리단길) sits Crowd Coffee.

Google maps:

Naver maps link: 크라우드 커피

The place is located on the second floor and beautifully designed, perfect to hang out on their couches. If weather allows, the small balcony is also a perfect spot.

Two different coffees were available, both to be prepared on Chemex (or as they say here ‘Camex’):

Preparation was all very calm and attentive. Filter was rinsed, so were the other components. Scale and timer were in action, and a precise pour ended about two and a half minutes after it started.

Taste-wise, the coffee was a little weak. I was not able to taste much more than some light plum notes; but it was nicely balanced and still very enjoyable.

Overall we can definitely recommend this place – go check it out!

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