Round K New York – but the neighborhood is nice

On the Lower East Side in New York we came across a promising cafe according to blogs and posts, so we did not want to miss the opportunity to check it out: Round K.

Google maps:

The cafe has a small bar in the front, and a cosy space in the back, perfect for hanging on laptops for a long time.

Even though they sell Ethiopian beans, for some reason only coffee from Burundi was available for pour-over – but so be it.

Now, I am always skeptical when 2 cups are prepared in the same dripper. I just don’t believe you can achieve the same quality cup, unless you use at the least a scale.

Even though the blooming looked pretty, the rest was not ideal. No scale at any point (not for beans, not for water), no timer – you would need a lot of intuition to get this right. And maybe they did. But it didn’t taste like it.

The result was a cup of coffee that I only had a few sips of. It was extremely bitter and didn’t have any noticeable taste (not hot, not warm, not when cold). I don’t see a good reason to visit again.

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