R.about – a move that paid off

After quick move up the street, they have now moved into a small, old house in a side street just below the Cheil building in Itaewon: r.about.

Naver maps link: 아러바우트

Google maps:

The place is instagram paradise, with plenty of photo opps for everybody. It is actually a really cool space to hang out – and it’s busy already early into its time!

The cafe is run by the former Chief of Pour-Over at Alver, and he sources the coffee from the same roasters in the UK: Square Mile Coffee Roasters.

I’m a big fan of how they make their pour-over and really hope they continue like this, even though the Latte crowds dominate the scene.

Scale and timer was in action, long precise pours in place, no rush.

The coffee was very tasty, with notes of dark red fruits; and it went extremely well with the Brownie, too.

Go check it out, no regrets.

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